Why Emerge Fine Homes
Homebuilding and renovations are a journey and an experience.

No two builds are the same and every project that we build is as unique as the clients we build for. When you decide to make one of the biggest investments of your life, monetarily and emotionally you should build with a home builder that has the experience, knowledge and that you can trust.

Millcreek Custom - Kitchen

From design to budget to build

Emerge Fine Homes is involved in all aspects of your project. Each phase is just as important as the next.

Choose a new home builder who is along on the journey with you, who will experience the highs and lows with you and will be just as proud of building your home as you are of living in it.

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Our Story

Over twenty years experience building and renovating homes in the greater Edmonton area. From smaller projects like decks and basement developments all the way up to infills, custom and Executive Homes, Emerge Fine Homes can build it all.

At Emerge Fine Homes we design and build new homes from the ground up and value what is behind the walls just as much as what is on them. Energy efficiency is key and more important then ever as new homes are built more and more airtight.

We can do project management, fixed price or cost plus. We have the flexibility to make it work in the best way for the client. We can work with banks or help you find a brokerage that will help you with financial structure.

Our trade and supplier partners are the best in the greater Edmonton area, they are experts in their fields and are up to date with current trends in products, materials and mechanical systems.

Keeping a small volume under construction allows us to put in the time to make your job a priority and to make sure that everything meets the high expectations for performance and fit and finish.

Licenced builder in Alberta, member of the Better Business Bureau and proud partner with Progressive Home Warranty.

Message from Dan

At Emerge Fine Homes we want to partner with you to build your New Home, Custom Home, Estate Home or Renovation. We purposely keep volume low so we can dedicate our time to your project.

I believe that houses are a system and should be built or renovated with that in mind. Building science has just as much importance as your mechanical systems and your interior finishes.

Home building is an adventure, be it a custom home, infill home estate or acreage home. Taking your vision to reality is hard work that has many ups and downs, the reward and the pride that I have in your new home, I hope matches your enthusiasm.

Renovations are equally rewarding but have a different sense of achievement. Its an outstanding feeling to go back and see the before pictures and compare them to the completed reno. We aim to not just change your space but to better the performance of the home too.

No matter what stage you are in the process give me a call and I can help you out on your journey. We could meet for a coffee and discuss your hopes and dreams. I have built hundreds of new homes and renovations, but I am most proud of the projects that I have built under the Emerge Fine Homes banner. Each one is as unique as the clients that move in.